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Our books and methods of teaching the Arabic language are very popular with language schools and bookstores. To learn Arabic writing, grammar or phonetics, to learn dialect, DILAP becomes a key player.

Arabic literature: history and author

INTRODUCTION In this dossier, we offer the most complete panorama possible of…

Arabic literature at the time of jâhiliyya

The Arabs call this period "Jâhiliyya" -Ignorance- because it ignored the existence…

Abbasids and influences of Iranian culture

Officially came to power in 750, the Abbasids disappeared, victims of the…

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Learn Arabic with DILAP

Learn Arabic with DILAP The books which we offer have been designed by teachers who have had a long experience on the field. They have been developed according to the guidelines and official syllabus of the board of education and make use of teaching tools and methods which have been experienced and have proved efficient. Moreover these books have been used in situ, within the classroom, among non Arabic-speaking students of various ages, nationalities and backgrounds.

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