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Arab literature at the time of jâhiliyya: Hassan-ibn-thâbit

أدباء الجاهلية : حسان ابن ثابت

Hassan ibn Thâbit (died 660)
Hasân Bnu Thâbit was an Arab poet, companion of the prophet

Thabit was born in Medina, within the Banu Khazraj tribe. He traveled in his youth to Syria, Al-Hira and Damascus. In Syria, he managed to gain admission to the court of the Lakhmids and Ghassanids. He then returned to Medina at the time of the Hegira where he converted to Islam at the age of 60 in 622. Muhammad had chosen him as poet, Thabit was in this function, to defend Islam against idolaters.

He often participated in poetry competitions, and he managed to convert an entire tribe, the Banu Tamim by winning a poetic contest. It is to him that will be entrusted the first work for the recension of the Koran. He too will be responsible for producing the first written version of the sacred text despite the “primitive” state of Arabic writing at the time.

He died at the start of Muawiya’s reign in 660.