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Arabic literature: history and author

Littérature arabe : histoire et auteurs


In this dossier, we offer the most complete panorama possible of Arabic literature for the uninitiated. It is a question of making discover the Arabic literature under its multiple facets to our many visitors, attracted first by the aspect “learning Arabic” which is our specificity. Of course, this presentation of the immense Arab literary heritage cannot claim to be exhaustive, and we will certainly leave aside some great works or authors; what demanding scholars could blame us for.

But if we could contribute in this way to rehabilitate “the Arab literary fact”, by a work of “popularization”, of trivialization would we write and make it accessible to the greatest possible number of people interested in the Arab culture in general, then we will have successfully completed our mission.

We will limit ourselves voluntarily to the presentation of the literary fact strictly speaking without approaching the component of monumental erudite sums written in matters of theology, sciences, philosophy, cosmogony, historiography, geography and other scholarly concerns of the medieval world. This will be the subject of another file to come.
As in this dossier, we will not discuss Andalusian literature, which will be the subject of a separate study.